Supporting Small Businesses

Emma Foster

We are all stuck at home. We are all constantly looking for something to do, to make us feel some degree of normalcy.  And some of us are feeling the need to be productive, to make the best of this time. This may manifest itself in starting a new hobby, learning to draw, working out, studying harder, learning a new skill, etc. These are all great ideas, but it can be very hard to better yourself in such a challenging time. One way to be productive and help your community in an easy way is to support small businesses. 

You can start your day with breakfast ordered from The Corner or Raymonds. Right after you wake up, you place a quick call to order apricot pancakes and a ham and cheese omelette. You’ll be greeted with smiling faces (mouths covered in masks, of course) who will hand you a fresh, hot breakfast. In gratitude to customers supporting them, they’ll likely give you a free scone or two! If you’re struggling with online classes, support local tutors! Many relying on this education for income will gladly Zoom call with an even lower rate. For dinner, check out the Town Pub for a classic American meal or De Novo for a fancier plate.

Struggling to figure out how to celebrate during this time? Have birthdays or anniversaries coming up? Buy flowers from local florists and garden centers instead of bigger places like Home Depot. Connect with friends and family to have a virtual surprise party or write celebratory letters as gifts. 

We are all struggling through this difficult time. Cope with it in any way you can, and try to use your time to connect with those around you – maybe even in a productive way!