Recipes to Make in Quarantine

Chloe Waldt, Features/Entertainment Editor

May 29, 2020

Being stuck inside for so long can get kind of boring. Recently, a lot of people have been getting back into baking/cooking so I decided to share 3 easy recipes for people to try at home. The first recipe I thought to share is a cak...

No-Homework Holidays: Integral or Inconvenient?

Luke Holleran

December 18, 2019

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the announcement of the “no-homework holidays”. Homework itself has always been pretty controversial, so you can probably tell that when the school officially banned the gi...

What is GRHS Listening To?

Chloe Waldt, Features/Entertainment Editor

December 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what those people walking down the halls with airpods in are listening to? I decided to ask them. Below is a list of artists/bands that some students in GRHS are currently listening to.  Adam Melchor...

Are Midterms the Right Move?

Arcadia Hinton-Cooley, Copy Editor

December 8, 2019

The days of cramming for quarterlies three times a year are over at GRHS, as the administration has decided to make the switch to midterms.  Most students currently at GRHS have only been at the school long enough to take par...

Thoughts on the PSAT

Emma Foster, Staff Writer

November 15, 2019

On October 16th, students at Glen Ridge High School sat down to a three hour assessment of math and English skills. The PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board that high school sophomores and juniors around th...

When High and Low Achieving Students Share the Same Fate

Haleigh Pine, Editor-in-Chief

October 14, 2019

A twelve year old doodles on their desk, ignoring the drone of their teacher solving one variable equations. They decide to take a nap, as the teacher rarely calls on them for the answer. In one respect, this could be the stereotypic...

Should GRHS provide agendas?

Jasmine Schaber, Staff Writer

October 12, 2019

This year, the school decided not to give free planners to the student body. This change should be considered a good thing.  Having no planner from the school can be nice for a number of different reasons. As stated by a f...

The Truth About AP Courses: Advanced Placement or Advanced Payment?

Julia Ludwig, Staff Writer

September 7, 2019

“Please, please, please do not take more than three or four AP courses in a year. I have seen what they do to students.” My ninth grade computer science teacher’s accent-tinged voice reverberated through the room, off the...