Tips To Avoid Procrastination


Ella Clinard

As disappointing as it is, procrastination can become a very bad habit for some. Delaying to write a simple email can easily translate into procrastinating studying for a test or quiz, which can then go on to putting off various assignments. This is why finding ways to avoid procrastination can be an extremely beneficial way to get work done on time. Here are some tips on how to avoid procrastination: 

  1. Keep Your backpack organized: Having an organized bag/backpack helps you maintain a clean and organized workplace that contributes to rapid completion of work. When having a clean bag or backpack, one no longer needs to rummage through their bag to find a slip of paper, or their crumpled folder. This way your work is all organized and easily accessible for class. 
  2. Organize your Google Classroom classes according to your schedule: One important way to stay on top of your work is to have your Google Classes organized. For example, if you have Chemistry as your first period, then organize your Google Classes accordingly. If you are a part of any clubs that have a Google Classroom page, I would most likely recommend organizing them above your regular Google Classes, so that you still stay up to date with meetings and work for the clubs. 
  3. Keep an agenda: Keeping an agenda helps to organize the work for each of your classes. You can find a paper agenda at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Target. For those who prefer digital options over paper, there are numerous websites that allow you to keep track of your work online, such as Google Keep. This tool helps you see how much work you need to complete each day so you can manage your time wisely when you need to study for your quizzes and tests. 
  4. Always keep your Gmail and Google Classroom tab open: Having your Gmail open helps you communicate with your teachers easily and efficiently. When you keep your Gmail open, you will receive a (1) or (2+) in the corner of your screen which indicates that a teacher has emailed you. This helps you remember to keep in touch with your teachers and maintain good grades. Having your Google Classroom page open helps you visualize how much work needs to be completed. 
  5. Listen to Music When Doing Work: Listening to music during work can be an extremely helpful way to stay relaxed and reduce stress. I like to make a specific playlist on Spotify for completing assignments. I listen to very subtle, calm songs, so that I can still fous at the same time. This method may not be suitable for everybody, but it certainly helps me stay engaged and focused. 

I hope that these tips help you keep an organized workplace and stay focused during class or at home. While these tips may not be applicable to all, I believe that at least some of them may help you avoid procrastination!