Review: “As It Was” by Harry Styles


Anastasia Pavliv

Harry Styles is a very well known male artist who recently, on April 1st 2022, released a new single “As it Was”. Harry announced that he would be coming out with a new album (Harry’s House) on May 20th and fans were very excited but were begging for a new song. Harry then announced that later in the week a new song would be released. He released a small part of the song and fans already loved the song even before it came out.  

As a big Harry Styles fan myself, I was so excited for a new song because it has been over two years since a new song. “As It Was” is a brilliant song and only has me more excited for his new album to come out. The song was upbeat yet the lyrics had a deeper meaning and it was actually more of a sad song once you look into it. This song is unlike any of the songs from his previous albums Fine Line and Harry Styles so I am looking forward to what the full album will be. 

On top of the new song, we also got a brand new music video that gave us hints to what the future of Harry Styles’s music will be. Fans went so crazy that within 24 hours, it broke a world record of being Spotify’s most streamed song globally in 24 hours. There were a total of 21.6 million streams in one day. This is a giant accomplishment for Harry because this was just one song off of a 13 song album coming out in less than 2 months. 

I can only imagine how many more records he will break once Harry’s House finally gets released.