Senior of the Month: Olivia Link

Arcadia Hinton-Cooley

“If she called two hours prior we wouldn’t have been able to save her,” Olivia tells me, “so we really hit the golden window there.” Olivia is a current GRHS senior being honored as senior of the month for her widespread and impactful involvement in the Glen Ridge community. As a volunteer EMT, Olivia has been a part of life-saving ambulance rides and emergency calls. This particular story is from September 2021 during a hurricane, when a woman having a heart attack called Olivia’s crew for assistance. Because of the weather conditions, the ambulance would’ve been unable to reach the woman’s home just prior to or just after when she called 911 — but luckily, she asked for help at the right time and the paramedics and EMTs were able to save her. Olivia tells me being a part of EMT calls like this have been some of her most meaningful high school experiences.

Olivia is also manager of the GRHS wrestling team. In this role, she keeps score during matches, fills up ice and water jugs, and refills the medicine kit. Additionally, as a talented photographer enrolled in AP Photography, she films and photographs matches as well. On top of that, she plays softball and tennis, is a literary magazine editor, and is a member of student council, Black Student Union, Girls Club, Photo Club, and is a yearbook photographer. 

“I think with the widespread variety of activities I do I’ve been lucky to meet so many people and form meaningful connections with people of all ages,” Olivia tells me, “and gain a lot of real world experiences dealing with different people and different career paths and such.” 

Through her exploration of the community around her, Olivia has gotten a sense for what she wants her future to look like. She plans to major in psychology and become a positive psychologist, a form of therapy that helps people improve their well-being and increase their happiness by focusing on positive influences in their lives. “I want to do it because I’m a big optimist and I believe everybody has potential to be their best selves.” she says. A versatile and influential member of the GRHS community who has made a positive impact on activities ranging from wrestling to the literary magazine, Olivia is the perfect candidate to help others reach their potential.