Opinion: Was it challenging to transition from RAS to GRHS?

Opinion: Was it challenging to transition from RAS to GRHS?

Matthew Deluca

Even though everyone has different experiences, we all have similar thoughts on why it was either tough or straightforward to transition. Sixth graders of RAS, whether they like it or not, were given a big upgrade to seventh grade. Three kids who recently went through this change have a strong opinion on this topic. 

Charlie Myers, a 7th grader, says, “It was the easiest thing of my life.” According to him, there was nothing foul about it besides the graduation. Charlie says it was unnecessary, “We’re just going from sixth grade to seventh grade like we don’t need this crazy promotion,” he says. He did mention that it’s better now that he’s further away from his brothers in Ridgewood and Central School.

Maeve Di Cicco could disagree. She says, “I love seeing my sister and her friends in the hallways because they go crazy when they see me.” She also likes that there is a lot more freedom than at RAS. Maeve’s transition, though, was a bit difficult. “The school is much bigger, and the room numbers confused me,” She says.

Sebastian Frias has a whole other opinion. It was very easy for him. “My mom teaches here. I’ve literally been coming here every day after school since third grade,” He says, “I know this place like the back of my hand.” He loves the cafeteria’s food much better than Ridgewood’s. He says, “There’s more food here, and there are wraps. Those are pretty good.” Unlike most, he thinks it’s fun to be in school with older kids. Even though Sebastian likes so many things about the High School, he doesn’t find the lockers as good as Ridgewood’s. “The way you open them is kind of annoying, instead of that button that you push up and grab to open, you have to grab the side, and a lot of times, it slips,” he says.

Ultimately, these three 7th graders have different stories and different points of view. The majority find the transition easy, while some say it was difficult.