Glass Onion: An Increasingly Intriguing Watch, Layer By Layer


Claire Liotta

Since announced in July of 2021, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was highly anticipated by fans of its predecessor. Spoiler alert: it did not disappoint. 

Glass Onion is bright, exhilarating, and plentiful in plot twists. Glass Onion puts a creative and modern take on the classic “Clue”-like a murder mystery. Set in Greece, the movie follows an eclectic group of 9: Miles Bron, Claire Debella, Peg, Andi Brand, Whiskey, Duke Cody, Birdie Jay, Lionel Toussaint, and Detective Benoit Blanc, played by the iconic Daniel Craig. The group gets invited to stay on Mile’s private island and participate in a mysterious murder mystery game. However, dark secrets and hidden resentment are brewing, and – unbeknownst to the guests – the murder mystery becomes more than just a game. 

The cinematography is impeccable and beautifully shot. Viewers find themselves transported to the eccentric scenery. Not only is the cinematography beautiful, but it also proves to be very deliberate. Costars Janelle Monae and Daniel Craig highlight the movie, brightening the screen with incredible acting and spunk. 

Although some may argue that the first Knives Out is superior, Glass Onion holds its own. With its original approach and relevancy, Glass Onion is set apart from others in the genre. 

Glass Onion expresses deeper themes of truth and deception, all while making social commentary on the wealthy. Perhaps the most evident theme is the one hidden in the title: Glass Onion. A Glass Onion has many layers, but in the end, its center is in plain sight. 

Overall, Glass Onion is a movie that makes viewers gasp, ponder, and laugh simultaneously. And still, it manages to be equally as suspense-filled as it is fun.