Outer Banks Season 3 Review


Meera Mehta

“Outer Banks” season three fails to keep a cohesive storyline and effectively tie the plots together. Midway through the season, the show’s creators tried to make sense of the story – which inevitably worsens the plot. Not only did they try to make sense of the show’s unrealistic plot, the writers also introduced new characters, villains, plot lines, and added new twists. The series is clearly becoming too complicated and confusing, and even while season four is planned out, the show doesn’t know where it’s going. 

The series ended its major plot line in season two. One of the most significant topics in this series is the disappearance of John B’s dad. After the shocking reveal of his dad’s survival at the end of season two, the whole point of the show was ruined. Recovering a character whose death was the basis for the entire plot greatly weakened the plot and the structure of the show. Now, the writers are introducing new plots and concepts which ultimately discard  the anticipation viewers built up throughout the first two seasons. 

Many of the storylines in “Outer Banks” don’t have the intended impact. When Charles Esten and Big John truly pass away at the end of season three,  their deaths have little impact on the audience. Both characters have supposedly “died” several times throughout the series, and viewers no longer care about this final death.  

“Outer Banks” still tries to incorporate certain aspects of the exciting and thrilling series it started out as, however, season three seems to be losing the show’s original appeal. The series became more popular than it was expected to be, however now the writers are over-compensating for it. The writers are generating unbelievable storylines that ruin the principles they created in season one and two. If the producers don’t adjust the storylines for season four, this complicated show will lose viewers.