Amazing Theater Is Closer Than You Think

Luke Holleran, Staff Writer

The lights dim and actors in varying costumes appear on the stage. Despite each one playing a different part, they all
seem to work together to create a feeling in the auditorium like no other. Our drama club has been performing original plays for years now, oftentimes portraying popular shows and movies through them while keeping it interesting and fun.

But what happens behind the scenes in creating our theater, and who are the people powering it? Well, our actors had
something to say about their experience. “Being in plays is fun, because you get to get to act out different parts as well as be with your friends,” says Jane Nakamoto, who has been a member of the middle school drama club for a year now and has been enjoying it ever since she joined. “It’s loud, but friendly in a way,” she says. She also mentioned the rehearsals are definitely the best part of drama club because you get to watch others perform their scenes. While looking into more about the upcoming plays, I spoke to another middle school member of the club, Natalie Garcia, and asked her what play she enjoyed the most.

“You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, because it was the most and the only one I’ve done.” she said, and to people who
consider joining, “They definitely should, since it’s a great experience and you can make friends.” From the actors I talked to, they both mentioned making friends and acting with them as one of the most enjoyable parts of the club.

On the Google Sites page of the drama club, the upcoming play has been announced! The new play, based on “Guys
& Dolls” (A popular musical by Joe Swerling and Abe Burrows) is having auditions December 12th-13th at 3-4:30 PM. The drama club will be performing the “Guys & Dolls Jr.” version, and it will certainly be awesome to watch as usual. It’s a perfect mix of music and comedy, and follows a gambler, Nathan Detroit, trying to make money with the police on his tail. It also includes his girlfriend, named Adelaide, who is a nightclub performer who claims they have been engaged for fourteen years and never married. To fulfill her wish, he asks Sky Masterson, another gambler, for the money to fund a wedding, but he ends up go after a missionary named Sarah Brown.

This play is certain to have our school excited, and some maybe even thinking of the possibility of joining since the
cast always has room for more. Overall, it seems like the drama club has impressed us in the past and it’s no doubt they will impress us in the future with another amazing show.