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How Students Can Effectively Manage Time


In middle school and high school, the biggest problem is how to manage your time. With the technology and extracurricular activities that are presented, you can have trouble finding time to fit everything in — especially your homework.

Time management isn’t easy. There are lots of things that you might want to do other than study or work. There isn’t one perfect routine that fits everyone. I find that balancing your wants and needs can help you. So how can you do that? There is a well-known 3-3-3 method that you can use to manage your time. The 3-3-3 method just tells you how to spend your time productively when you have a lot of free time.

  1. Three hours per day to work on an important current project
    1. Essays, Labs
  2. Three urgent but less time-consuming things
    1. Studying for a quiz coming up next week
  3. And a few house-keeping tasks
    1. Checking your emails

But what if that doesn’t work? One size won’t fit all. Most teachers would recommend keeping an agenda so you can keep track of all the things that you need to do.

It’s also better to space out time for long projects rather than saving it all for the last minute. It is also better to prioritize something due the next day instead of trying to cram in a project that you have more time to complete.

Another thing that you can do is complete the hardest or most important assignment first. If it’s worth more to your grade, then it’ll be better to spend the most time on it.

Most importantly, you should try to stay focused. Don’t let yourself get distracted by doing other things. It’s tempting to check that phone or to go outside, but try to remain focused on your assignments first. 

Studies have shown that we waste too much time with things that distract us. It’s probably the reason why we spend too much time in a stressful frenzy, unable to get everything in on time.

Finally, make sure that you have a flexible schedule. Try not to make it impossible to balance your school life with your outside commitments. It’s your job to keep yourself happy.

Overall, time management is not an easy thing to do. But as all things do, it comes with practice. One of these suggestions might work for you, but maybe not. It’s your goal to find what’s best for you so that you can be successful all through the year.

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