GRHS Welcomes Ms. Goers

Amanda Zinmann

One of our new teachers this year is Ms.Goers. Ms.Goers teaches Algebra II, Geometry, and Precalculus. In her spare time she sings, horseback rides and even scuba dives! 

Before becoming one of our teachers, Ms.Goers was teaching in Washington DC. She has loved math since a young age. In middle school, she decided she was going to be a math teacher and clearly, that opinion hasn’t changed since. 

Ms.Goers really loves teaching, especially getting to know her students and seeing them develop their math skills over the course of her time with them. When asked about what she thought of Glen Ridge High School so far, she said, “I have really enjoyed working at GRHS so far. The students, faculty, and staff have all been extremely welcoming!”. She is very excited to spend more time at GRHS especially to get involved in the school, getting to know her students, staff and faculty, and to see how the year progresses. 

When asked if she had any advice for her students she said, “Always let me know if you have questions or concerns. I would love nothing more than to help you if you are having trouble with the material or just have a question, but I can’t read your mind so I won’t know unless you reach out”. We are very happy to welcome Ms.Goers into GRHS and wish her a good school year!