More Left to Desire (The Lack of Art in Glen Ridge)

Artistic expression is a unique human trait that is used as a medium to preserve and communicate our complicated feelings and culture. It does not take long to realize that the walls of Glen Ridge High School are plastered with paintings and sculptures by talented students. The creation of these projects is facilitated by electives like Street Art, 3D Art, and other classes you might find taking place in the school’s hub of artistic creation located in the basement. While art teachers, Ms. Malone and Mrs. Baker, do a fantastic job of providing students with a range of classes that cover all kinds of artistic interests, there are students that might not be as interested in what they these classes have to offer yet still desire a way to express themselves. Classes like “wood-shop,” “metal shop,” and “home-economics” could provide a more hands-on artistic alternative and are not available at GR. As someone that has taken taken many art classes at Glen Ridge and has a high interest in those alternate activities, it would be much appreciated if they were available at Glen Ridge so that hours after school wouldn’t have to be spent developing these interests as self-taught hobbies, but rather, potent abilities. So in a school that is overflowing in visual arts like sculpting, there remains a lack of hands-on arts like cooking, and the proof is in the pudding.