23 Skiddoo Cafe

Photo source: Google images

Photo source: Google images



Walk far enough down Carteret Street and you will eventually come across a small brick building. Walk inside and you will be greeted with the smell of coffee beans and the sound of an espresso machine whirring. You’ve reached 23 Skiddoo Cafe, the newest coffee shop just outside of Glen Ridge. Hodge Halili, the owner of 23 Skiddoo Cafe, says his business “…gives people a safe zone, a place that they can come and relax, and a place to kind of unwind.” For many people in Watsessing Heights and the surrounding area, 23 Skiddoo provides just that. The cafe gives off an artsy feeling. Indie music plays softly in the background and the broad window seats are piled with throw pillows. Art hangs from the walls. Plants scattered here and there bring a feeling of peace to the cafe. 23 Skiddoo is a great place to work, relax, or meet friends. The property was neglected for over twenty years, and Halili felt “It was a big need in this part of town to create some community…a place to come gather; a warm, inviting spot.” Halili does his part to carry out his vision by making his cafe a friendly place. He frequently engages in conversation with customers, going so far as to know some of them by name, pass out free snacks, or let them stay a few minutes past closing. 23 Skiddoo Cafe truly feels like a safe space to relax in.

Of course, the menu is also an important aspect of the cafe. Food options are limited. 23 Skiddoo offers some croissants and scones as well as a few other baked goods. It is certainly not the place to go if you’re interested in having a big brunch. That does make the cafe less suited for a long day of work. However, the food is of good quality and pairs nicely with a cup of coffee. The employees put care into each cup, and as Halili said, “It’s just different- it’s not like Starbucks.” Their signature drink, the Skiddo, provides a kid friendly option, a flavored drink reminiscent of a frappuccino that mixes flavors like chocolate or caramel with milk in an iced, blended, or hot drink. The cafe truly has something for everybody. 23 Skiddoo Cafe has a lot to offer, between their decadent pastries, comfortable vibe, and pocket of community they bring to the area.