GRHS Welcomes Mr. Lawlor

Myles Platt

Over the past four years at Glen Ridge High School, there has been a plethora of principals. Seniors will have spent their six years in the building having gone through four. Mister Dirk Phillips, who is now the superintendent of the Glen Ridge Board of Education, spent several years as principal of the high school until he was promoted. Tim Liddy became the interim principal while the search was on for a permanent candidate. Louis Melchor came next, and brought many delights to our school with his amiable personality and musical talents. Last year, he retired in order to focus on his music and family. 

At last, Glen Ridge High School welcomes Mister John Lawlor to the building. 

Mr. Lawlor came to Glen Ridge in search of a community that values and celebrates education. Before transferring to Glen Ridge, Mr. Lawlor was the principal of Saddle Brook High School. Saddle Brook also houses a similarly-sized student body of grades 7-12 in a high school building. 

Before moving to New Jersey, he lived in New York City and Maryland. Like our students and teachers, Mr. Lawlor also enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, including skiing, mountain biking, and cooking. He currently lives with his wife and kids in Nutley. 

Anybody who joins the Glen Ridge High School community will notice that the teachers and staff are very welcoming to newcomers. He notes that students here are “friendly, motivated, and actively involved” in the school activities. In his view, our talented teachers are the spark that ignites the success and well-being of students at GRHS. Overall, he would like to thank the generous parents and the Board of Education who assisted him in an easy transition to this new job. 

Within the walls of Glen Ridge High School, Mr. Lawlor acknowledges the multitude of great opportunities and resources available for students. These courses, clubs, and sports available to students are what makes our school seem much larger while maintaining the community and integrity of a small school. 

Despite being such a small school, Mr. Lawlor would like to remind students of the availability of assistance. There are over 100 faculty members who are eager to help any student with anything from guidance to development of new ideas. 

With such an active body of students, Mr. Lawlor wants to help everyone work towards personal success. In short, his goal is to help others achieve their goals and further advance the Glen Ridge High School ‘tradition of excellence’. In the realm of education, it is up to the students to determine their own destinies. “Advocate for yourself,” he says. “We’re here to help.