A Conversation with Ms. Mackay

Olivia Giangeruso, Staff Writer

When you walk into Ms. Mackay’s third-floor classroom, you are greeted by a bubbly and energetic teacher who recently got tenure. Although she has an outgoing personality, Ms. Mackay wasn’t always like this. She used to be someone who wanted to blend into the background and not stand out in a crowd. The person who changed this was one of her role models in life, her dance teacher. She motivated Ms. Mackay to have confidence and encouraged her to stand out. 

Many don’t know that Ms. Mackay was a dance student and went on to become an instructor. She even placed top twelve at nationals as a senior at a dance competition. Just like dance, Ms. Mackay is very passionate about teaching Geometry. Her love for the subject started because of her teacher that taught her Geometry, who she keeps in touch with. Just like Ms. Mackay learned from her fifth-grade math teacher, she wants her students to learn how to enjoy math and how to solve real-world problems. 

Even though Ms. Mackay loves teaching, she didn’t always dream of being a teacher. She wanted to become an accountant, but realized the job would be boring to her because she doesn’t want to sit behind a desk all day. She then contemplated becoming an actuary but found out that job wasn’t for her either. Ever since her mom got her a chalkboard as a kid, Ms. Mackay knew that she wanted to have a job where she could write on a chalkboard. Her family encouraged her to be a teacher because of her energetic personality. If she wasn’t a teacher, she’d be a dance instructor because of her love of dance and teaching, and her need to not sit all day.

Ms. Mackay has been at Glen Ridge High School for five years, and before that, she worked at Pequannock High School and Vineland High School. She has taught both middle and high school math. Her dad taught at a high school which allowed her to form good relationships with the teachers there. After high school, she attended Rowan University where she met professors who she keeps in touch with. 

When Ms. Mackay arrives home after school, she tried not to bring a lot of work home, but even after several years of teaching, she still accepts the fact that she needs to work on time management. Her hobbies include Candy Crush and her dogs and chickens. 

After my conversation with Ms. Mackay, it became clear that she had found the profession she was meant for.