New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Salvatelli

Samuel Gilpin, Staff Writer

When you meet Mr. Salvatelli you are met with a kind man with a passion for teaching. He teaches many classes such as gym, Social Media, Drivers Ed. and, next year, Nutrition.  He is also the coach for the Basketball team and was in fact a student here at GRHS as well. 

Mr. Salvatelli explains that his hope is to give the information that has today and carry it to others where they can hold onto it for the rest of their life. He finds that his role model in life to become a teacher was his grandfather. His grandfather is a principal at a high school in Massachusetts and has been for many years, Mr. Salvatelli explains that he left a true impact on his life as an educator. 

He explains that he found his passion at his summer camp ‘MVP Camp’ where kids casually play sports for a few hours at the high school gym over the summer. He thinks that it was really what started to leave an impact on him and pursue a career as a teacher. Mr. Salvatelli’s number one intention by becoming a teacher was to give children skills that they may have to use for their day-to-day life for the rest of their life, and he hopes that at some point he can leave the same mark on this school as his own teachers did over five years ago.