Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Downey

Derek Hart, Staff Writer

Ms. Downey definitely has a story to tell when it comes to choosing her career. As most of us do, Ms. Downey has a favorite teacher: her biology teacher. “He was able to be real with us and connect with us in a certain way,” Downey explained, “He really motivated me to become a biology teacher.” 

Much like her teacher, Ms. Downey loves to assign hands-on tasks and activities. She likes to generate an educational and self-discovering environment in her classroom. She loves being able to teach kids and pass on what she loved to her students. 

Ms. Downey also used to teach in a much bigger school as a student teacher. She explained how different it is compared to Glen Ridge because of how small and tight we are as a school community. 

Overall,Ms. Downey is very happy to be working here.