Homecoming Success

Grace Pizzini, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a tradition observed by many high schools and universities all over the United States. At high schools, homecoming is usually celebrated with a football game followed by a dance. Some schools have their homecoming at a soccer game, but most have it at a football game. The reason why it is called a ‘homecoming’ game is because alumni are invited to attend. The game is scheduled close to or during the Autumn break that most universities observe so that alumni who are in college can go to the game when they return home.

Homecoming this year was on October 5th at 1:00 pm against Newark Collegiate Academy, with the dance starting at 7:00 pm.  The Student Council and cheerleaders decorated Hurrell Field for the homecoming game. The Student Council also organized and decorated the big gym for the dance. Members of Student Council who helped with the decorations, set up, and or cleaned up of the dance got free admission and those who attended the game and brought their ticket—or those who are on a team that is involved with the home football game— got half priced admission. 

Homecoming is an event enjoyed by students and is often seen as the highlight of the fall season. The Student Council always works really hard to put together the dance. The football team won an exciting Homecoming game 27-13! Sean Brown and Tara Feenaghty won Homecoming King and Queen and Kevin Easter and Grace O’Keefe won Homecoming Duke and Duchess at a fun dance.