Marching Band Continues Their Success

Marc Borgenicht, Staff Writer

Glen Ridge High School’s accomplished performers, the Glen Ridge Marching Band, has started off another fall season with a bang. After scoring both a second and first place at their early-season competitions, students can’t wait to see where the GRMB’s show will go. Color guard captains, Marc Borgenicht and Chloe Waldt, said that they are “proud to perform with the strong GRHS student support in their senior year and last marching band season.”

This year’s show, “Amazing Journey”, covers many songs in “Tommy”, the legendary album by The Who. Crowds, judges and students alike sing along to “Pinball Wizard” while the color guard dances with pinballs and the band maneuvers into complex formations. The show starts with “Overture” in part one and “Pinball Wizard” in part two. In parts three and four, GRMB plays mashups of songs “Amazing Journey”, “There is a Doctor”, “Sparks”, “Tommy Can You Hear Me”, “See Me, Feel Me”, and “Listening to You”. The album features a story about a boy, Tommy, as he travels through his emotionally complex life. As a child, Tommy, witnesses his father, who was thought to be dead, come home and kill his mother’s fiance. From the trauma, Tommy becomes deaf, dumb, and blind. In Tommy’s trippy journey, he grows up to become a pinball master and starts a cult. As the story unfolds, Tommy breaks through a mirror and returns to reality. This rock opera storyline is brought to life by the soloists, actors and singers of the band: Sam Lauterbach, Avery Poster, Garrison Huddleston, Marc Borgenicht, Chloe Waldt, and Meghan Wood.