Fall Fashion

Defne Zeybek, Staff Writer

Fall has fallen upon us, pun intended. 

Now that the weather is crisp and sweater weather is back, here are a few trends to make the most of this season! 

In terms of fashion, people are paying homage to 80’s and 90’s trends with wide leg pants, flannels, slip dresses, tweed, puffer jackets, and so much more. “Loose” fashion is in style again rather than the tight fashion of the 2000s. Now is the time to express your fun side through your clothes. 

For hair, many people are going back to their natural color. Minimalistic hair styles and braids are creating a more effortless look that is trendy in pop culture. Similar to fashion, “Hair is still riding the throwback train for fall 2019. The ’80s and ’90s have influenced everything from the style on ponytail to the accessories and where you place them,” says Harper’s Bazaar

In both fashion and hair, bold trends are the way to go for this season. So go out there and try something new! Fall 2019 is notable for embracing freedom of self-expression.