Ms. Tully: Dedicated to Student Education

Jack Wooten, Staff Writer

Every morning about 8 am, I hear in the corner “turn in your homework, turn off your phones otherwise it’s going into the cell phone bin.” When asked to interview either a new teacher in the school or a teacher of my choice who I see frequently, I chose Ms. Tully since I see her every morning and I have the opportunity to talk to her before and after school. 

Before teaching at Glen Ridge, Ms. Tully taught in South Jersey, Jersey City, and Cedar Grove. Her high school experience was very good, coming from a big school with 2,500 students and 500 in her graduating class. From being around so many kids, she understood kids better allowing her to teach with experience.

She decided to become a teacher because she loved children and the prospect of teaching was exciting to her. In particular, she wanted to teach in the Science department and was asked at Glen Ridge High School to teach 11th-grade Physics. Ms. Tully has enjoyed teaching at the high school and has positive experiences with the faculty and her students. While working at the school, she said that the administration has always been very supportive of her to make sure that she has the resources and tools needed to teach her students regularly. 

With supportive staff members, the administration, and her students, she develops lesson plans and promotes her curriculum, contributing to people that want to further their interest in the sciences. One of her fellow students in my class describes her as being someone who doesn’t get off topic and is committed to making the day educational but also a little fun. 

In her free time, Ms. Tully enjoys gardening, taking care of her dogs, and bowling. She also has been a great bowling coach giving me great advice on how to improve my game. 

Teaching at Glen Ridge High School for 12 years, Ms. Tully is a dedicated educator who has inspired students to work their hardest and to try their best.