Club Corner: Anime Club

Luke Holleran, Staff Writer

There are plenty of unique clubs at Glen Ridge High School, but nothing is quite like the Anime Club. Founded by four anime-loving friends in October of last year, they strive to create an environment where they could meet people who share similar interests and do what they enjoy. 

“We started it because we wanted to find people that shared similar interests and hang out with people who liked the same things as us,” says Logan Poster, one of the founders of the club. I talked to them at one of the club’s meetings, where they gather each Monday to watch the first episode of a new anime so members can find new series that appeal to them.

One interesting event the club hosts is a monthly Culture day which takes place after school on the last Monday of every month. On this day, members participate in activities related to Japanese culture such as making origami, eating Japanese food, trading and even drawing their own manga. They also have a special activity planned on November 17th; a day trip to New York City where they will visit Anime-Con, an event that focuses on dressing up as anime characters and socializing with others. This is sure to be an exciting trip for the club.

If you’re interested in joining, the advisors have a few things to say.“It’s very open, there are people who come in and out and people who come every single week,” says Elyse McGuire, one of the founders. So, you don’t have to join on the spot; if you’re interested, you can pop in for a meeting, watch an episode, and see how you feel by the end of it. If you want to join, just let one of the student leaders know and they’ll help you through the process.

All in all, if you’re into anime or just looking to find a club to join, you should definitely consider the anime club. You can make new friends who share common interests, participate in fun activities, and of course, watch anime. The club is always looking for new participants to join, so stop by Room 113 after school on Monday or speak to Mr. Majewski for details.