New AP Economics Class

Charlie Vigna, Staff Writer

This year in Glen Ridge High School they are offering a new AP Economics class. Previously this class has been offered in the form of VHS (Virtual High School), but now students have the option to take this course in our own high school. Taught by Mr. Rothweiler, students enrolled in the class will learn about the world of Micro and Macro economics. When asked about his approach to teaching this new course, Rothweiler said “I expect to teach micro and macro economics through a variety of activities and lessons that hopefully allow students to engage in concepts and topics that can at times be very difficult.” 

This class has also appealed to the students. AP Economics student Travis Burnett said “I enjoy the daily hands on lessons that help break down the little aspects of microeconomics.” Just like student Travis Burnett, many kids have loved learning about the ins and outs of economics, creating a promising start to the new school year.