Club Corner: Robotics Club

Luke Holleran, Staff Writer

Joe Liotta, Thoman Pennington, Mert Erden, and William Johnson on the Building Team planning an arm mechanism in Robotics Club

If you’re into programming, problem solving or engineering, then you may be interested in the high school Robotics Club. The group focuses on putting together a functioning robot that can complete specific tasks for annual competitions, where teams from all around the state go to compete against each other.

“We attend meets throughout the year, 2-4 usually,” says Jordan Wecler, one of the coding captains, “We get to compete against other teams and challenge ourselves.” He also had something to say to high schoolers who are interested in joining. “It covers two large fields of engineering,” he says, “A mechanical side and a computer based side. It’s really good exposure for huge job fields based around it.” So, not only is Robotics Club a good choice for those who are interested in learning a new skill, it provides a basic introduction to engineering and can help those who are interested in pursuing a career in that field.

Robotic Club team members in action
Students in Robotics Club working as a team on a robot

Milo Capra, a freshman who is one of the new additions to the coding team, also had something to say about his experience so far. “I like robotics because it teaches me new skills, but it’s fun at the same time,” he says. When a new member joins, the captains and more seasoned team members help them learn the fundamentals of whichever position they choose. Options include being a builder, which involves assembling and putting together the robot, or being a coder, which focuses on programming the robot’s movement. Smaller projects are also given out, for example, some students were asked to create a license plate for the robot that would then be 3D printed, so there are many different ways one can be a part of the club.

In conclusion, the Robotics Club is a great place to learn a new skill, learn the basics for a career that you would like to pursue in the future, all while being fun and enjoyable for the students who attend. If you are interested in joining, see Ms. Hamer or Mr. Shohen for details on how you can participate.