Crossing Paths

Poorvi Sarkar, Staff Writer

Though most know him as a crossing guard, he is formally known as Robert Temmler; a reserved, kind-hearted man. He grew up in a small suburb of New Jersey with an older sister, played on a little league team, and was your typical Jersey kid. He found himself with a knack for computers, and started a career focusing on the development of technology and making people’s lives easier with their new-age automations. 

Once that part of his life came to an end, he retired and is now who we all have come to know him as: our friendly neighborhood crossing guard who smiles at us all and prioritizes our safety first. In Mr. Temmler’s job choices, we see a pattern in the urge to help others. Mr. Temmler describes his job as “either easier or more difficult than it looks” and finds himself constantly alert and aware about everything that is going about around him. The hardest part about his job is the focus he has on everything, too much and somebody could cut out from behind him, causing an accident, and too little and someone is again at risk. 

Mr. Temmler’s job requires just the right amount of focus to have an accident free day and luckily most are. This is generally quite difficult when working with young, often accident prone children. He has students coming from the elementary schools, on their way home often on foot, as well as some young, reckless drivers from the high school.  Considering the location of his job, the amount of attention that goes into his job makes it one that comes with great responsibility. Don’t forget to always thank your local crossing guard and say “Have a good day!,” and if you catch him, you may hear, “I will if you will.”