The Halloween Privilege

Julia Hegarty, Copy Editor

As everyone knows, Glen Ridge High School is known for offering unique senior privileges. These include double lunch, parking permits, eating on the patio, senior option, and much more. These privileges mark our transition to adulthood. However, one of the most cherished traditions is one that brings us back to our youth –  Halloween Day. Honoring this long-standing tradition, the entire senior class dressed up in costumes. 

On October 31st, funny and iconic costumes transformed the cafeteria where a bagel breakfast was served. This year’s seniors wore costumes like doctors, tourists, mad scientists, fishermen, Where’s Waldo?, and more. As the Yearbook class took pictures of everyone’s costumes, the seniors jammed to the band’s Halloween music. Senior Erin Hirsch comments, “I liked how the band played festive music and got us in the Halloween spirit.”  

Following the breakfast, the seniors had the option of reading to the younger district students at Linden, Forest, and Central schools. Each Halloween, the seniors always look forward to riding the little school bus to return to the grammar school they attended ten years ago. Senior Kaylie Koenig commented that “it was great going back to the elementary schools and seeing all of the teachers.” The seniors were able to walk around the grammar schools and down memory lane before reading Halloween themed books to the younger students who were also dressed in costume.

The seniors returned to the reality of senior-year by third or fourth period. They drove home for double lunch, changed out of their costumes, finished their college applications, and studied for their science tests. But, for these twelfth-graders, it was nice to have the privilege of behaving like second-graders one last time before graduation.