Model UN Trip

Charlie Vigna

At Glen Ridge High School there is a club available for all students grades 9-12 where they debate social and political topics while representing a country of their choice. This club known as Model UN has been one of the most popular and interactive clubs here at GRHS. Students who participate in the club don’t only enjoy the meetings, but they love going on the fun trips. An example of a trip they take is the Rutgers Model UN Conference where dozens of schools come together and hold their own mock conference. The trip takes place from students leaving school at around lunch time on thursday and don’t return home until Sunday night. While at Rutgers students go through mock conferences for multiple hours on friday and saturday morning. After this they have free time to walk the city and have leisure time to themselves after a long day in the conference rooms. Members of the club love this free time, such as Max Pavan who said “I love having those extra hours to walk around beautiful New Brunswick. It’s a great place to get food and just relax.” The students seemed to really enjoy this trip as it has been a big hit during years past. As years and years go by participating in this trip it seems that more kids have come to see for themselves how great this club and trip really is.