The Strong Core of Boys Basketball

Jack Cotrone

Every basketball team in the league, state, or country starts their season off with a clean slate of 0 wins and 0 losses. This year, Glen Ridge looks to maintain their clean slate of losses while adding to their win column every game. Naturally, this is the hopeful goal of each team, but for the Ridgers, it is quickly becoming a likely possibility. Despite their previous season not turning out as successfully as planned due to an influx of freshman and departure of seniors, the “strong core” of hoopers are bigger, faster, smarter, and share an irreplaceable, brotherly bond. It’s awesome to see the indestructible camaraderie emerge throughout their play, especially when someone scores and thanks their teammate for the good pass or someone falls and the whole team rushes to pick them up. This is something that can’t be taught. It develops over time and comes from a natural love of the game and support of each other, further exemplifying the Ridger brotherhood. 

Composed of a large and matured sophomore class, a dominant handful of juniors, and led by senior captain, Joe Delcua, the Glen Ridge Varsity Boys Basketball Team is full steam ahead in their pursuit of a sectional final and state championship. After playing only two scrimmages and winning both, one of which was against Dayton and, as described by Joe Deluca, a “frontrunner for the section”, the team is already showing flashes of greatness. “One of the big things we preach is defense. From last year going to this year, I thought that the freshman really picked up defensive rotation and their responsibilities on defense and offense.” With this refurbished group of players and shared attitude of “buying in day in and day out,” there is no stopping this hungry squad of ballers that will scrap and fight to the end in order to secure a title.