Expanding the Map for AP World History

Grace Pizzini

Many changes to different subject course curriculums are taking place as we move from the 2019-2020 school year into the 2020-2021 school year. One of these changes is the relocation of AP World History from its long-standing position as a senior level class to a freshman level class. This change was made because of the declining enrollment in AP World History as a result of the addition of new AP courses that fulfill History requirements. According to our principal, Mr. Lawlor, “enrollment [for AP World History] supported running two sections in 2018/2019. We’re currently running one section. We anticipate the addition of AP Economics, which satisfies both the 4th year of Social Studies and Financial Literacy graduation requirements, will continue this trend.” For the 2020-2021 school year, AP World History will be open to incoming freshmen who meet the prerequisites. As for the difficulty of AP World History, it is believed that freshmen will be able to handle the course and AP test. The course will continue to be taught by Mr. Dimeck. 

Aside from AP World, there are a number of other history courses offered to incoming seniors. These courses also satisfy the history requirement, and are at all levels of difficulty. Some options include the following: World Wars, Sociology, AP Psychology, and AP Human Geography. An abundance of history courses at all levels of difficulty is also offered through Virtual High School, a course catalog for which can be found in the High School guidance office. According to Mr. Lawlor, “Seniors can also enroll in history courses not offered here at an area university through the Option II program. Lastly, if a senior is still interested in AP World History after reviewing these options, they should discuss it with their guidance counselor.”