Quarantine Fashion

Poorvi Sarkar

While most of us have ditched our normal clothing and resorted to the ultimate quarantine style of sweats upon sweats, some new quarantine fashion ideas have emerged. Amidst a worldwide pandemic, creativity was truly fostered in all types of ways, and fashion is not a lacking area. From different styled face masks to attempting different Tik-Tok fashion trends, everybody seems to have gone off the edge a little. It may include dressing up the top half of our bodies for our daily Zoom and Google Meet video chats, or finding new ways to custom make our own face masks, but either way, fashion is taking a new route all while remaining on our couches. Not only amongst ourselves, but some celebrities have shown off their rather… unique sense of quarantine style, This includes several monochrome sweatsuits or simply raking through their closets to find their strangest, least worn pieces to show off during this apocalyptic time. For some inspiration, one may suggest the classic upper body dress-up by finding the fanciest “top-half” clothing around, or maybe busting out some of those old school clothes that haven’t been touched for nearly 3 months just to remind others (and yourself) that normality exists somewhere out there. While it may just be taking your dog for a walk or your Zoom call with your estranged friends living in alternate universes across town, fashion hasn’t died, just like our spirits.