A New Age in Journalism at GRHS


Poorvi Sarkar, Managing Editor

Glen Ridge High School is back in full swing – masks, sports, and most importantly news! The school newspaper is getting a facelift this year! With new segments, new writers, and new leadership, The Journalist (new & improved) is ready to kick off the year with a bang! Re-introducing senior spotlight and a cartoon section, our writers hope to re-engage with students at a level previously unseen. Our goals this year are to garner more student interest than previous years and introduce a new age of journalism at GRHS. Our updates are specifically stated as follows: 

Senior Spotlight: headed up by managing editor, Acadia Hinton-Cooley, this fun segment is out of retirement to focus on the exciting new advancements on a specific senior and has the potential to expand to two senior spotlights!

Teacher Spotlight: bringing back teacher spotlight as well, we hope to highlight our teachers this year in arguably the most challenging year they’ve had and give them some recognition in the newspaper for all their hard work these past and incoming years!

Cartoon Section: a new section, formerly only seen on the physical newspaper, is now being brought back to the newspaper in a new and creative way. Open to other writers and artists, the cartoon section will host things such as caption contests, and school related humor.

Opinion Writing: the newspaper will add on topics to the current opinion section, pushing the boundaries of opinion writing to explore new facets of the subject.

Advice Section: now open to new high school students and middle schoolers, the writers will address questions proposed by students about building transitions, dealing with stress, and balancing school and extracurriculars.