September 2021 Senior of the Month: Rachel Shepps


Arcadia Hinton-Cooley, Managing Editor

Most would say that being a part of five clubs — including being President of one– as well as being a part of three sports teams, a volunteer for the ambulance squad, working for an internship program, and still having time to get a summer job, is impossible. Rachel Shepps, a very busy but very accomplished senior, proves otherwise.

Rachel began EMT training as a sophomore and is now a member of the Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad, where she is actively saving lives and serving the community. She is on call, ready to hop in the ambulance at any moment twelve hours a week, and additionally for 144 weekend hours a year. Rachel shared that “the most meaningful experience to me was an EMT call I was on, when I was called on to use my skills and training to help save a baby’s life.” Rachel has actively sought out a way to make change in her community, and has succeeded– an unusual feat for a 17 year old. 

This commitment is time consuming, especially considering that she plays golf, tennis, and manages the wrestling team in her off season. Rachel explained that she tries to “schedule my EMT shifts around my sports schedule and also leave time for studying.” Still, she feels that the costs are worth it, stating “I love being able to serve this community.”

All of this effort is part of helping Rachel achieve her future goals. She has big plans for after high school. She revealed that she has dreamed about going to medical school since childhood and has “made it my goal to go into the medical field”. For college, she is looking specifically at ones with good medical programs.

Many would attest that Rachel has always been a positive, uplifting person. Natalia Leaf, another GRHS senior, attests to this, stating that “Rachel’s optimism is inspiring and has brightened my day.” Glen Ridge is bettered by Rachel’s engagement, positivity, and dedication to the community.