Holiday Wishlist

Ella Clinard, Writer

Now that December has arrived, the requests for Holiday Presents has become more and more frequent. Currently, in the pandemic, manufacturing has become very slow, which is why I am going to deliver ten present ideas for you, and/or for someone you care for, for any winter holiday that you might celebrate!

  1. The first present idea on our list is slippers. Slippers are a warm and fuzzy, heartfelt gift that you or someone you love will be excited to receive. They keep your feet warm, and remind you or others of the joy winter brings!
  2. The second present idea on our list is a robe. We are consistent with our warm theme and hope that you are able to receive or deliver a fuzzy and comfy robe to someone you love this year. Just imagine watching television or reading a book in front of the fireplace wearing your brand new robe. Doesn’t that just make you want to buy one off the bat?
  3. The third present idea on our list is sports gear. Staying active is always enjoyable, and what better way to do that than with brand new sports gear. Some examples of this include a soccer ball, basketball, lacrosse stick, field hockey stick, ect.
  4. The fourth present idea on our list is jewelry. (Especially for mothers!) Imagine the smile on your mother’s face as she opens a new or DIYed piece of jewelry! Maybe she won’t make you do the dishes that often anymore.
  5. The fifth present idea on our list is a personalized coupon book. Gift your family members with a personalized coupon book that includes necessary luxuries such as a free back massage, free doing the dishes, free shoveling the snow, ect. 
  6. The sixth present idea on our list is new shoes. New shoes can brighten anyone’s day no matter the gender or age of the gift-receiver! 
  7. The seventh present idea on our list is room decorations. Personally, I love redecorating my room because it brings me such joy to have a new environment for a little while. This is a great idea for siblings.
  8. The eighth present idea on our list is gift cards. Gift cards are available for almost any store and a great gift idea for cousins, aunts and uncles, and/or friends! 
  9. The ninth present idea on our list is a phone stand. This is great for watching Netflix, because holding up your phone is so much work.
  10. The last present idea on our list is a back massager. This is a great gift for yourself and/or parents. They will be overjoyed when they see the back massager awaiting their arrival after a long work day!