Why Dune Isn’t Unfilmable


Leah Hunter, Writer

In the years since the first Dune Adaptation, critics have deemed the sci-fi novel unfilmable.

Their point does make sense, given that the book is so incredibly long with an extensive period of worldbuilding. The elements of the novel are so complex that it becomes difficult for someone who has not read the book to understand the movie. However, when the 2021 adaptation was announced, fans went wild.

On the opening weekend of Dune 40.1 million dollars were made in profit. The following weekend the creators signed off on part two of Dune book one.

The movie itself has excellent cinematography, and the stars of the film are incredible. They offer insight into the interesting plot of the movie. Each actor delivered their assigned role to perfection and made it incredibly easy for new fans to understand. 

In addition to the cinematography and acting, the sounds and setting of the movie—no matter how fantastical—make it feel as if you are truly there with each character. The music reverberates through your bones and you can almost feel the sand sweep across your eyes. 

All in all, the movie truly did justice to Frank Herbert’s novel and if you should ever get the opportunity to view the film, you should take the chance. The movie is currently not available on a streaming service, but it certainly will be without too long of a wait.