“A Good Kind of Loud” – Marching Band Victory


Poorvi Sarkar, Managing Editor

April 2021 – Chaos and confusion plagued the globe. While many of us were sitting in our houses trying to figure out how to buy groceries for the next week, the Glen Ridge Marching Band selected its new season’s music and performance arrangements. Head of the band, Dr. Gage and visual coordinator, Lizanne Lander worked together to frame what would be one of the most successful years of the marching band in recent history – 31 years in the making. 

Sheet music was distributed, performances were discussed, and students buzzed both literally and figuratively for a music-filled, open-free working season after a covid-ridden, digital competition lain season. The dampened season of the 2020 year had stored an unforeseen fighting urge within this year’s marching-band students to crescendo of the most vivacious performances seen over his career, Gage tells. 

The fine-tuning of each and every player’s skill, honing and mulling over each aspect of their craft provided the key to victory, Dr. Gage mentions. He accredits “an appreciation for being with loved ones and doing something you love” for their success this year. Their self-effacing manner only observable by the town throughout periodic football game performances provided a chance to test their performance abilities and sculpt out their winning season. 

The band focused on, “max[ing] out the program” led by the two drum majors – Anna Sullivan and Eryka Duckett who enforced this sentiment through tactful leadership of each section with their respective captains. The way each section cumulatively developed skills throughout the year, through limitations, with an enthusiastic exigency, the Glen Ridge marching band redefines a comeback for the town of Glen Ridge. 

Click here to watch the full performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXwkDugm5wM