Should GRHS provide agendas?

Jasmine Schaber, Staff Writer

This year, the school decided not to give free planners to the student body. This change should be considered a good thing. 

Having no planner from the school can be nice for a number of different reasons. As stated by a friend of mine, “I’m glad we don’t have agendas this year because most of the time I didn’t end up using mine and some of my fellow peers didn’t use them either.” I agree with her statement because I have never used my school agenda. I almost always buy a different one, just because of how much nicer and prettier than the other ones are. 

Additionally, the purchase of that many school planners means a lot of environmental impact. Why waste that much money and plastic, when it is just not necessary? I know people in my grade that only use their computers to keep track of assignments. 

Having a school planner is not necessary, and not having one can actually benefit the environment.